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Zenith introduces the opening of the world’s first blockchain organization to help world health, a Smart Chain platform that can be composed.

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More about Zenith

Zenith (ZTHCorp) is a local organization founded by a group of people who care about health, And for now they want to develop their concern for global health by developing blockchain projects. While existing solutions offer to solve only one problem at a time, Zenith team is ready to build safe, useful products. This will include easy integration of cryptocurrency donations. In the end, their goal is to integrate all integrated organizations, which will make the payment system truly efficient, transparent and usable for the benefit of the people. Funding activities have been made possible through Zenith. This activity can be in the form of clinical trials, and is funded through Zenith tokens (ZTH). Zenith (ZTH) brings transparency in the use of the money and ensures that donations are used for their intended purposes.

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