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How to join?

  • 1. Chat with Unification Telegram Bot.
  • 2. Join Unification's Telegram Channel.
  • 3. Follow Unification's Twitter page and retweet the latest post.
  • 4. Enter your E-Mail.
  • 5. Post your Telegram username and write a sentence about the project in your own words on their Bitcoin Thread. (Optional, +50)
  • 6. Use this format:
      What excites you the most about Unification? [Insert answer to question] Telegram username: [Insert Telegram username] Twitter username: [Inset Twitter username]

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More about Unification

Unification is a blockchain-based protocol, utilizing off-chain apps and on-chain Smart Contracts to create a transparent and standardized data marketplace and user sovereign identity center. Bringing users, apps, research institutions, and advertisers together in an open and free marketplace benefits everyone. Users manage their data permissions and can be paid for sharing access. Small companies can readily buy and sell data in an open marketplace. Advertisers can cross-reference information for better data points, and research institutions can access large amounts of previously unavailable data.

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