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Required tools:

How to join

  • 1. Visit the Suterusu Airdrop form.
  • 2. Join MXC Global Telegram Group. (Mandatory).
  • 3. Create an account on Suterusu website. (Mandatory).
  • 4. Join Suterusu Telegram Group. (Mandatory).
  • 5. Follow Suterusu on Twitter. (Mandatory).
  • 6. Submit your details in the Airdrop form.
  • 7. You will receive 200 SUTER tokens. (Limited to the 1st 5,000 participants)
  • 8. Distribution will take place within 14 days at the end of the airdrop.

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More about Suterusu

Suterusu will implement an anonymous cryptocurrency that is based on the setup-free ZK-ConSNARK cryptographic function.

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