Remittance Exclusive Airdrop

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Required tools:

Joining is very simple!

1. Join Remco Telegram Group and AirdropRating Telegram Channel.
2. Follow Remco and AirdropRating on Twitter + Retweet this Tweet.
3. Follow Remco on Facebook and AirdropRating on Facebook.
4. Fill out the form below and include your Email and ETH wallet.

Users who do all tasks will earn 125 REMCO Tokens (~$10) and 25 REMCO Tokens (~$2) for every referral. (Unlimited referrals!)

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More about Remittance Exclusive

REMCO is the World's First Powerful Distributed Token-Generating Platform for Money Transfer. The REMCO Token Generating Platform’s APIs to allow any licensed money transmitter to mint programmable Tokens to move value and leverage distributed ledger advantages at speed and scale, while also offering innovative compensation to all transaction stakeholders. Our Token is Jurisdiction and Money Transmission Flow Agnostic. Meaning it works with the existing model.

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