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How to join

  • 1. Visit the OKEx Registration page.
  • 2. Create your account and verify your mail.
  • 3. Log in and complete your KYC Level 1.
  • 4. You will receive 20 BAT ($4.7) tokens.
  • 5. If you are an existing OKEX user and have never traded or deposited any assets, you can transfer ≥5 BAT to your OKEx account from an external wallet or from another exchange, or trade (buy / sell) ≥10 BAT on OKEx.
  • 6. Bonus will be distributed to users’ Funding Account by Mar 22, 2020 (UTC).
  • 7. For more details about the airdrop, visit this Official Post.

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More about OKEx

OKEx is a world-leading digital asset exchange, providing advanced financial services to global traders by using blockchain technology.

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