Mycro Jobs Airdrop

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$3 + referral
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Required tools:
How to join?

  • 1. Start to chat with the Mycro Jobs AirDrop Telegram Bot. 
  • 2. Join Mycro Jobs on Telegram Chat group & Telegram Bounty group. (+1 MYO)
  • 3. Follow Mycro Jobs on Facebook & Like the latest post. (+1 MYO)
  • 4. Follow Mycro Jobs on Twitter & Like the latest Tweet. (+1 MYO)
  • 5. Follow Mycro Jobs on Instagram & Like the latest Post. (+1 MYO)
  • 6. Subscribe to Mycro Jobs on YouTube & Upvote the latest video. (+1 MYO)
  • 7. Take part in at least one Bounty campaign. (+5 MYO, Optional)
  • 8. Submit your Email and Ethereum wallet address to the Bot.

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More about Mycro Jobs

Mycro Jobs designed a ÐApp to unleash the power of local communities by implementing a protocol to connect people and giving them back control of their time and money balance. Through this game-changing platform, Mycro Jobs aims to become the worldwide number one marketplace for real-time job matching. Mycro Jobs is rated 3.8/5 on ICO Bench . Mycro Jobs is airdropping up to 5 MYO tokens ( ~$ 1.25 ) to airdrop participants and 1 MYO token ( ~$ 0.25 ) for every referral. ICO price: 1 MYO = 0.25 USD

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