LocalCoin Airdrop

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$25 + referral
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Required tools:
  1. Start chat with LocalCoin Telegram Bot.
  2. Download the LocalCoin Wallet and Register on the Website.(Mandatory)
  3. Join LocalCoin Telegram Group. (Mandatory, +5 LLC)
  4. Join LocalCoin Telegram Channel. (Mandatory, +5 LLC)
  5. Follow LocalCoin on Twitter and retweet pinned tweet. (Mandatory, +10 LLC)
  6. Join the LocalCoin Discord. (Optional, +10 LLC)
  7. Submit your details to the bot.
  8. You will receive your tokens after the airdrop is finished.
  9. You can also earn 10 LLC tokens for every successful referral.

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More about LocalCoin

LocalCoin is decentralized trading platform without any limitations, KYC or AML Check. It is not possible to block your account simply because you own it and store it on your computer.

Share this airdrop on social media: