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  • 1. Go to iLink2Music Airdrop form. 
  • 2. Register for iLink2Music Dashboard
  • 3. Join iLink2Music Telegram
  • 4. Follow iLink2Music Twitter + Tweet your referral link using the hashtag #iLink2MusicReferral.
  • 5. Like iLink2Music Facebook + Post your referral link using the hashtag #iLink2MusicReferral.
  • 6. Post a proof of participation on iLink2Music BitcoinTalk Thread in the format below: 
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          Twitter (Yes/No):
          If Yes, Twitter Tweet URL:
          Facebook (Yes/No):
          If Yes, Facebook Post URL:

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More about iLink2Music

iLink2Music is an emerging tailor-made Music Entertainment Social Media Platform Powered By BlockChain, uniting Artists, Executives & Music Lovers worldwide, regardless of their age, experience, race or beliefs. iLink2Music is rated 3.5  on ICO Bench . iLink2Music is airdropping  2800 ELINK tokens ( ~$14 ) to 25,000 airdrop participants. ICO price: 1 ELINK = 0.005 USD

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