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Required tools:

Joining is very fast and simple! Only Email & Telegram Required!

1. Join Honeybox Telegram Group and AirdropRating Telegram Channel.
2. Fill out the form below and include your Email and Stellar wallet.

Users who fill the Telegram task (and stay until the end of Public Sale) will earn 200 HNY Tokens (~$10) and 40 HNY Tokens (~$2) for every referral. (Unlimited referrals!)

* HoneyBox is a Stellar (XLM) based platform. You can open a wallet with one click on this page (Click on "Generate" button and you'll get Public and Private key). Make sure you enter your XLM wallet (public key) at the airdrop form below.

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More about Honeybox

Honeybox gives you complete online privacy, a faster internet speed, and rewards you for browsing the web.

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