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Required tools:

Complete All tasks to get 20 GTX & 5 GTX for every valid referral. 1 GTX: 1$  GTX already listed on Coinmarketcap

How to join

  • 1. Start the Telegram Bot. (JOIN THE AIRDROP)
  • 2. Join our Telegram Group. (Mandatory: 3 GTX)
  • 3. Join our Telegram Channel. (Mandatory: 4 GTX)
  • 4. Join our Advertiser Channel. (Mandatory: 4 GTX)
  • 5. Follow us on Twitter & Retweet pinned post. (Mandatory: 6 GTX)
  • 6. Set GTX logo to your profile picture & Write @GoalTimeN to your last name. (Mandatory: 3 GTX)
  • 7. Submit your ERC-20 wallet address.

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More about Goaltime N

GoalTime N is an Ethereum BlockChain based CryptoCurrency which is used to mine GTX tokens for those people who use GoalTime N Apps. For benefits of users, GTX can be converted to Bitcoin, Ethereum or other crypto using third party exchanges.

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