GLAD Airdrop

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Required tools:

How to join?

  • 1. Register on GLAD's Website.
  • 2. Login and click on "Airdrop" at your dashboard.
  • 3. Join GLAD's Telegram Channel.
  • 4. Join GLAD's Telegram Announcement Channel.
  • 5. In the Telegram group type "/join_airdrop" and follow instructions (chat with bot).
  • 6. Follow GLAD's Twitter Page.
  • 7. Retweet the specified tweet and also tweet the specified message.
  • 8. Submit your usernames.
  • 9. Enter your ETH address at your dashboard.
  • 10. Bring your friend to join us and earn +15 GLAD upon completion of your friend's airdrop telegram registration.

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More about GLAD

GLAD is a DSP (Demand Side Platform), DMP (Data Management Platform) and SSP (Supply Side Platform) combined, holistic programmatic Ad platform which is designed by cutting edge technology to fulfill all needs of the industry.

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