Decimated Airdrop

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How to join?

  • 1. Register on the Decimated's Airdrop Page.
  • 2. Solve different social media tasks to increase your points. Earn up to 185 points.
  • 3. DonĀ“t forget to submit your ETH address.
  • 4. Invite friends to get 100 bonus points.
  • 5. Airdrop token distribution is after 31st March 2019.

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More about Decimated

They are creating an online multiplayer sandbox game where players must use skill and intelligence to harvest resources, trade with other players, and survive in a hostile apocalyptic environment. DECIMATED is an online multiplayer sci-fi survival game which we are developing in Unreal Engine 4 and SpatialOS to achieve this massive scale, and meaningful persistence.

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