Blockbuster Airdrop

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$5 + Referral
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Required tools:

Do all the tasks below and earn 50,000 BBX (~$5). Grab an additional 20,000 BBX (~$2) for every referral (unlimited!)

Joining is very simple!

1. Join Blockbuster Telegram group and AirdropRating Telegram channel.
2. Follow BlockbusterBBX and AirdropRating on Twitter, and Retweet this.
3. Sign up at Blockbuster Lottery (Tokens will be sent to your account wallet).
4. Fill out the form below. (Make sure to enter the same email you just signed with at Blockbuster).

* Use BBX tokens to play games and win BTC which can be withdrawn anytime. Alternatively, you can wait 6 months and withdraw the BBX tokens without playing at all.

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More about Blockbuster

BLOCKBUSTER is built on a decentralized winning algorithm. The winnings are made from real-time Etherium hashes. BLOCKBUSTER verification tool is always available to demonstrate the process with a visualization. It guarantees 100% transparency and fairness on selecting winnings.

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